What are the pros and cons of riding bikes

Riding bikes have many different pros and cons. We will go over what these are in the next few paragraphs.


The main advantage of the bike is that it works at the same time heart muscle heart and muscles which develops cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The bike solicits the muscles of the body from head to foot or almost: abs, pecs, arms, back, glutes and especially the legs. You can refine them and makes them more tonic. It develops especially the power of the muscles of the lower limbs.

The bike also develops your balance and stabilizer muscles. For some good bikes go here www.ridein.co.uk.

Cycling is a great way to get rid of cellulite: leg flexion-extension activates circulation, works deep muscles and significantly improves circulation.


Frequency of riding

Regular practice once or twice a week is recommended for most people.


There are no or few cons for this complete and fun sport. But cycling is not very compatible with osteoarthritis, sciatica, lumbago, knee problems or heart problems.

Problems related to cycling

In mountain bike or road bike, the position of the cyclist can be at the origin of various evils. These can be easily avoided through the use of appropriate equipment and equipment.


In the cyclist, tendinitis is common in the patella, quadriceps and crow’s feet (at the top of the tibia and under the inner side of the knee ).

Muscle aches

The muscular pains concern mainly the muscles of the legs: twins (hollow of the calf ), quadriceps, adductors.

Low back pain

The bent bust position, poor saddle adjustment, and pedal support frequently cause back pain and low back pain.

Separation pains

Friction and sitting on the saddle are at the origin of various localized pathologies in the buttocks and the genital organs: infection, sebaceous or sweat cyst, abscess. Men can suffer from a numbness of the penis, and the women with inflammations of the vulva.

Foot burns

Shoes that are too tight or too big, unsuitable soles or badly positioned wedges can cause foot burns. Without gravity, they disappear by walking a few minutes.


While the problems associated with cycling are generally benign, it is not uncommon to observe complications in the absence of management. In case of pain or trauma, it is recommended to consult a doctor quickly to benefit from a specific treatment. In some cases, temporary stopping of the practice may be necessary. Having your equipment checked is also a good solution to prevent recurrence.