Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Relationships are an important part of our lives, and we have all experienced at least one break up. Knowing when a relationship is over and when to stop is a crucial point for our physical and mental health.

To think of breaking up or actually doing it are two different things. Sometimes we just plan the break by figuring out the best way to make that decision easier, or else we get petrified by the fear of hurting each other.

How do you know if you have more good times to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend and so you have to break up?

Here are some tips to help you.

No longer have feelings for your partners:

You are probably no longer in love as in the first day, it’s normal. But are you just still in love? A good test to know is to ask yourself the following question.  Would I be sad if I could never see my boyfriend again?

If the answer is no, you are no longer in love. It is time to turn the page.

You start to lie:

Do you force yourself to tell your partner that you love him just because he tells you? Are you lying on your schedule to see you less? Are you hiding more and more things from your partner?

If the answers are “yes”, my advice is also “Yes, you must break “.

Look at another guys/girls:

Have you noticed that lately, you start looking at other guys and girls with a different eye? Do you make yourself beautiful to attract the attention of other guys in the street? Do you hide that you have a boyfriend when a guy starts to flirt with you in the evening?

It seems that you are missing a single life or want to change your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Do it! It is useless to do otherwise.

You argue frequently:

If your number of arguments increases between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is that something is wrong. If you can not bring down the frequency of your disputes there is only one solution, “leave your darling”.

You can not stay arguing and disagree all the time.

If you get there, it’s time to take a break in your relationship and probably more, if it does not work out.  If you start to find excuses to postpone or shorten your appointments, take a break.